Matt Nagy Was Given A Job He Did Not Deserve

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears

Photo: Getty Images North America

Mike Harmon: "Most of what I wanted to say I've said on the airwaves, so all of the Johnny Come Lately's saying 'It's Matt Nagy' no kidding! I've been saying that for how many years on this show that the guy's terrible, that he got a job he shouldn't have, he's outcoached, outmanned, outgunned...I slammed a mug on the table and it broke...I was listening to the press conference live which started over fifty minutes late...There was speculation if he got fired, no he was just figuring out what not to be able to say!...We know what the truth is, but you still have to look like you're in charge...If he's not who is?

Listen to Mike Harmon passionately discuss his thoughts on the Bears 1-2 struggle, and Matt Nagy woes as a head coach, as he wonders who is in charge in Chicago.

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