Colin Cowherd Previews Every NFL Team's Season in Just Three Words

Colin Cowherd describes EVERY NFC Team’s Season in Just Three Words.


Cowboys: ‘DAK IN SADDLE’

“Despite heavy speculation Dak signed a franchise tag. He had the second most passing yards in the NFL last year, but the downside was he did it against bad teams, going 1-6 against playoff teams, and he’s got an aging offensive line."


“Aaron is 37, more banged up, his passer rating the last three years is under 100, and his completion percentage the last three years has declined. He’s only got one weapon on the perimeter, and that’s why he was upset they didn’t get a wide receiver. I think they’re good but not special.”


“All-time winniest quarterback, Gronk, Shady McCoy, Leonard Fournette… All engineered by the best quarterback of all time. He’ll change the locker room, the intensity, the efficiency, and the urgency. He is LeBron, and is beyond good. He brings so many leadership qualities to a team that you just can’t duplicate.”

49ers: ‘SHAN THE MAN’

“Kyle Shanahan. They run the football, and three players rushed for over 500 yards last year. They’re 10-0 when Garoppolo throws for 275 yard or more, and he will.”


“Eight players opted out, the most in the NFL. They have the toughest schedule, and they only returned five defensive starters. You can’t tell me the most intelligent, manipulative, and well-planned head coach is just winging it. I believe this is a part of a one-year restructuring plan to land a college quarterback.”


“I think they have a chance to go 16-0. They won 12 straight to finish the season, and had a point differential of +249. This is a powerful team that has a chance to win a lot of football games.”


“Their passing offense was 30th in the NFL so they went out and got Philip Rivers. They have a really good offensive line, but I think the key to this is CAN Jonathan Taylor, the rookie running back out of Wisconsin, and Michael Pittman, the rookie wide receiver out of USC, be really important players. The offense last year outside of TY Hilton was not terribly dynamic and not very vertical. Keep your eye out on the kids with the old quarterback.”

Chiefs: ‘REIDY, SET, GO’

“10+ wins in five straight years. We forget that Andy Reid was winning before Patrick Mahomes, they just weren’t winning at the next level.”

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