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Ben Maller: 'Country Bumpkins' Decided to Pay Undeserving Trevor Lawrence

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Listen to Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio’s The Ben Maller Show blast the Jacksonville Jaguars front office for giving quarterback Trevor Lawrence a five-year, $275 million contract extension, despite the former no. 1 overall pick putting up a lukewarm 85.0 passer rating and eyesore 20-30 record in three NFL seasons.

Check out the segment above as Maller calls Jaguars brass ‘country bumpkins’ for caving to pay the underwhelming Lawrence, saying a hopeless franchise like the Jaguars tends to overpay for projected ‘stars’ because there really is no other alternative for a team whose success comes few and far between.

Ben Maller: “Has Trevor Lawrence done enough to earn this massive Jacksonville payday? The obvious answer is THUMBS DOWN. I look at him like this... He’s still in the beta testing phase. It ain’t going well and the early results are showing that there’s a lot of glitches, and a lot of things not going right here. He’s half the man he’s supposed to be out of Clemson. He was billed as the ‘Messiah’ as a Michelin star chef coming out. Instead, he’s been a line cook. You need line cooks and line cooks are important, but they don’t get paid as much as a Michelin star chef. He’s half the player.
What is my evidence? The ‘evidence’ is my eyeballs and the stats. Trevor Lawrence is the NFL leader in fumbles and interceptions per game, and if you break the numbers down they’re like a dime store quarterback like Daniel Jones, Mac Jones, or Gardner Minshew. Those guys have better numbers than Trevor Lawrence.  
So why did he get paid? The reason Trevor Lawrence got the bag is because of bumpkins. Country bumpkins. The people running the Jaguars – tell me you’re a hillbilly without telling me you're a hillbilly. The Jags front office is clearly suffering from inferiority complex, there’s no other way to spend like this. Trevor Lawrence’s performance on the field has been second-rate. That guy doesn’t deserve the contract. 
I know we’re in a time where EVERYONE is getting paid, but when you pay someone who hasn’t earned the money, other than his Draft status, it shows that you are insecure and it shows that you have low self-esteem. It’s the equivalent to the New Orleans Pelicans paying that fat a** Zion Williamson when he got his big contract. 
 At the core it’s ‘FOMO’ -- the fear of missing out. The Jaguars are not really crazy about Lawrence, but they’re concerned that if they don’t extend him and somehow he leaves and goes somewhere else in a couple years, then he’ll become great for Dallas, or ‘Team X’, and there’s no way they can allow that to happen. But there’s no way he’s earned the money.”

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