NFL's New Diversity Rules Are Trying to Combat Racism With More Racism

NFL's New Diversity Rules Are Trying to Combat Racism With More Racism
Ben Maller: “The NFL did not think this one through, and I believe this is going to backfire… The members of the football cartel that voted for this are implying by the implication here that the league is filled with a bunch of bigots and racists, and that they have to incentivize just hiring assistant coaches who are minorities otherwise they wouldn’t get hired. You’re essentially bribing teams to hire minority assistant coaches with the off-chance that they then get hired as a head coach or a general manager, and then you end up getting some draft picks as compensation. This concept spits a loogie at the idea that sports are a meritocracy… Am I wrong to say that coaches, like athletes, should be based on their raw talent and skill level? I guess I’m old school because I believe that. Executives and assistant coaches should be selected for those jobs on their merits, not according to their race, color, creed, or religion… They’re trying to essentially combat racism with racism… If the Chargers are trying to hire a new head coach, and are considering Greg Olson, the offensive coordinator from the Raiders, and Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator from the Chiefs, people in charge of the Chargers may think both candidates are equal, but why would they hire Eric Bieniemy if they then have to hand a division rival a pair of extra draft picks when they can hire Greg Olsen, who they think is the same, and they don’t have to give the Raiders anything? Does this make sense to anyone??” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he doesn’t think the NFL’s new diversity rules for hiring head coach and executives of color is a good idea, as Maller believes you’re not only trying to ‘combat racism with racism’, but you're also admitting that the league itself has been racist, and you’d be essentially rewarding other teams, possibly in your own division, with extra draft picks should you hire another team's assistant to be the GM or head coach in your organization.

For example, by the new rule, the Chiefs would be rewarded with two compensatory third round draft picks when OC Eric Bieniemy is finally hired as a head coach. Maller wonders if this would dissuade a division rival like the Chargers from hiring Bieniemy, if it meant they had to then see the Chiefs get two sequential pieces of draft capital.

Check out the audio above as Maller thinks there will be a negative paradox from this new rule.

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