Dallas Cowboy Player Accused Of Trying To Bribe NFL Drug Test Collector

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys

Photo: Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys right tackle La'el Collins has been suspended for five games for not following the NFL's drug testing policy.

He's also accused of bribing the league's drug test collector, a source told ESPN.

The five-game suspension was first handed down on September 10 because Collins missed multiple drug tests.

Collins appealed the suspension because he believed he had valid reasons for missing the tests. He missed a test to attend a family funeral and missed another test in November 2020 after the team sent everyone home following the death of their strength and conditioning coach Markus Paul. He missed another test in October 2020 because he was undergoing hip surgery.

Collins' appeal was rejected, and his suspension still stands. As part of his punishment, the player will lose $2 million.

Very few details about Collins' alleged bribery have been released. The league and the NFL Players Association have not commented about the situation.

The right tackle missed the Cowboys' September 19 win against the Chargers and will sit out of Monday's match up against the Eagles. Collins will be able to return to play after October 18.

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