Softball Coach Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Grandmother During Game

A Texas softball coach has been arrested after he allegedly assaulted a 60-year-old grandmother during a recent game. Donna Edwards was watching her 11-year-old granddaughter's game at Dyess Park in Cypress, Texas when she heard a teenager yelling obscenities at another field.

Edwards walked over to record the boy with her cell phone so she could show it to league officials. While she was recording, James Schmidt, who was one of the coaches and the father of the teenager she was filming, walked off the field to confront her. Edwards said that Schmidt charged at her "like a bull" and started hitting her.

“He body slammed me. He just charged at me like a football player, and he was going for my phone,” she said to the Houston Chronicle.

Edwards' adult son pulled Schmidt off his mother and then the enraged coach started fighting him.

“He wanted to fight. He didn’t care who he was going to fight. Whether it was a 40-year-old man or a 60-year-old woman, it didn’t matter,” she told KHOU.

Edwards suffered multiple bruises and is dealing with neck and back pain following the brutal assault.

“I have bruises all over me,” she explained. “I have a big old giant hematoma on my leg, and my whole neck and back are tingling, and my head is throbbing. I need someone to help me with these medical bills because this is bad. I have been to two emergency rooms already.”

Schmidt had left by the time police officers arrived, but they reviewed the video recorded by Edwards and issued a warrant for his arrest. He turned himself into the police a few days later and is facing assault charges. Officials for the softball league said that Schmidt has been fired.

“Hallelujah," Edwards exclaimed when a reporter from ABC13 told her Schmidt had lost his job. "That’s all I can say because that guy has absolutely no business being around kids.”

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