Bizarre Story Shows That Amber Alerts Really Work

A 13-year-old boy in Iowa took his mom's car in the middle of the night and hit the road with a 12-year-old girl. He threatened to harm himself and the girl so police put out an Amber Alert statewide. 

If you've ever seen the electronic signs on a highway or gotten a message on your phone after an Alert goes out, you might doubt if it does anything, but it definitely does, and one person posted texts with their mother as proof.

The mom saw an Alert while driving, then she spotted the car described in it in front of her on the highway. She called it in and because of her, police caught up to the car - right in front of one of the Amber Alert signs.

Des Moines police spoke about Amber Alerts the local news stating, "This is the way it's supposed to work. The piece that made this different is the great community involvement. It just reaffirms the fact, the importance of an Amber Alert and how the public does pay attention to those.” 

Authorities are still investigating and deciding if they will charge the boy with anything. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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