Guam Advises Residents: Don't Look at Fireball

posted by Jenn Gidman -

The residents of Guam are trying to keep their nerves in check as tensions rise between the White House and Pyongyang. 

The latest fact sheet to come out of the territory's Homeland Security department may either soothe those nerves or worsen them, as it lists what one should do in case of a nuclear missile attack, the Pacific Daily News reports.

 "Do not look at the flash or fireball—it can blind you," is one piece of advice from the fact sheet, which was pieced together with info from the national Department of Homeland Security's disaster-preparation site. Other nuggets include lying down on the ground with your head covered (or even better, seeking immediate shelter underground or in a concrete or brick building), staying indoors for at least 24 hours, and not rushing to pick up your kids at school—they're better off inside the building than in a car.

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